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Turval 6 horse daily intestinal bioregulator with selected lactic yeast. The first natural active probiotic that penetrates the gastric barrier. It is an effective aid in preventing colics and also increases good performances. It really works! US-FDA approved.


Camels and camelids

Turval lactic yeast probiotic prevents ruminal pathologies such as alkalosis-acidosis, foamy meteorism, block of the abomasum and maintain a correct Ph value during the phases of rumination and pasturing. Ohio State University and US-FDA Approved.



Turval Swine has an undoubtable probiotic effect with evident auxinic effects, producing positive rults in econimic terms. EC and US-FDA approved.



The Turval 4 Cattle improves in quality and quantity of milk production. US-FDA approved.



Turval BO399 improves the digestive utilization capacity of the animals and reduces the "lethal prolapse" phenomenon.



The individuals treated with TURVAL 9 PIGEON showed visually evident effects.



The results of trials demonstrate that Turval B0399 is able to exercise its probiotica action with evident auxinico effects.



Object: Trial 27. Trial of utilization of probiotics with a basis of typified lactic yeasts (Turval B0399) in the diet of sleddogs (huskies).

Ararad Khatchikian – Huskies breeder and teacher of the Mushing international school of Tarvisio (Italy).

The objective of the trial was to observe the effects of the utilization of the new probiotics with a basis of typified lactic yeasts Kluyveromyces B0399 (Turval B0399) in the diet of sleddogs. In particular, the digestive functions and general health of the dogs were observed.

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