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Our values

Whether our KNOWLEDGE is gained through clinical trials, food quality tests, biopreservation studies, questionnaires or data analysis, the answers we find help us to improve the solutions we offer for better healthcare and make powerful change.

It is only through the SUPERIOR (CROSS-DISCIPLINARY) SCIENCE that we accomplish:

  • Better understand how to prevent disease conditions from developing in humans and animals involving the use of beneficial microorganisms belonging to Kluyveromyces species
  • Ease suffering and care with Kluyveromyces sp.

Our global vision to be a LEADER IN KLUYVEROMYCES SOLUTIONS for the world’s producers is accomplished through every day effort to:

- do superior science and develop better Kluyveromyces solutions that contribute to human and animal welfare, but also to agronomic soil properties

- keep high quality standards and constantly improve production processes with direct impact on a producer‘s profitability

- build strong and enduring business relationships based on knowledge sharing strategy, flexibility and family spirit.

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