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Human Health

A great network with universities and research institutes world-wide enabled Turval to focus our scientific efforts and build solid scientific research on the use of Probiotic Lactic Yeast, Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399 (TURVAL B0399) in four key health areas: gut, oral, women`s and immune health.


Gut Health

"Modern" lifestyle obliges us to find the right natural aid to counteract its negative consequences on our microbial balance, digestive health, immune health and mood. In multiple research and clinical studies, Turval B0399 reduces lifestyle induced gut discomfort when consumed daily. Clinical trials, described bellow, demonstrate that it can ameliorate IBS-like symptoms (occasional diarrhea, constipation and bloating) improving the quality of life and the overall wellbeing. Besides, the particular enzymatic activity of this yeast helps digestion of complex carbohydrates such as lactose and pectans and may prevent the associated digestion problems.


Immune Health

Over 70% of the body’s immune system is located within the intestines. When Turval B0399 is consumed daily, it stabilises the intestinal balance in favour of a healthy gut, supporting immune function through the interaction with specific immune cells and the intestinal microbiota.


Women's Health

Female genetics combined with lifestyle and hormonal changes all through the life often affect women's immunity, mood, digestive health etc. One of the common problems is insufficient natural defence against Candida allbicans. Studies and trials showed that If consumed daily, Turval B0399 acts as a gatekeeper against this pathobiont, both by means of the direct inhibition as well as the indirect defence (the regulation of the immune response and balancing of the endogenous microflora).


Oral Health

Oral health challenges such as bad breath (halitosis) and tooth decay are often combined with a lack of sufficient oral hygiene certain, diet and lifestyle choices and affect billions of people worldwide, having a negative impact on their quality of life and their overall health. If consumed daily, Turval B0399, balances the gut and the oral cavity microflora and appears as a relevant natural, “chemical free” solution to address oral health conditions:


Novel Health Areas

We aspire to innovate industries driven by the needs of our customers around the globe which are in constant change. We are trying to satisfy this necessity for flexibility by continuous investment in research and creation of new solutions.

Future Research Directions:
- Evaluation of the activity of peptidase enzymes in reference to glutin intollerance (coeliac).
- Administration to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy (ongoing).
- Identification of enzymatic and proteomic profile for developing new applications.
- Different aspects of the immunomodulatory ef (e.g nutritional, respiratory and dermatological pathologies)‏.
- Evaluation of the effectiveness on intestinal pathologies, in particular diverticolitis, Crohn’s disease, the IBDs (chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine)‏.
- Extent of efficacy in lactose intolerance.

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