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Bakery (Kluybread)

KluyBread® refers to the sector that dedicates itself to the production of baked goods. It is based on the “Probiotic Lactic Yeast®, Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399®, that is characterized by its prebiotic and probiotic properties, along with its metabolic activity of producing lactic acid.

The combination of “probiotic properties” and “lactic metabolism” renders KluyBread® inarguably technologically innovative: both nutraceutical metabolites and lactic acid are produced and made available during the leavening process, simultaneously. The former provides nutritional quality, while the latter influences the technological processes. KluyBread® can be used both as a traditional yeast for bread making (pursuant to article 8 of Presidential Decree 502/98) and as a starter for sourdough production.

The final purpose of KluyBread® is to render “Functional Foods” production in line with the best production standards. The nutritional performances will be filled with “probiotic”, “postbiotic / paraprobiotic”, or “”prebiotic” properties depending on the conditions in which it is used.

Our company dedicates itself to “courtesy service,” supporting its clients by both the know-how application through the BAKERY SERVIC CENTER, as well as marketing decisions.

BAKERY SERVIC CENTER has optimized and perfected protocols for production of "lactic dough" for Italian traditional breads and pizzas by means of an alternative lactic yeast blend contained in our flagship product KLFreshPro. Click to see a short video.

BAKERY SERVICE CENTER is, thus, the bakery in which KluyBread® is produced that dedicates itself to the research and development of new products and laboratory techniques, based on the investigation of traditional and innovative raw materials.

"E 221B BAKER STREET and CEREALI BRIANZA TOWARD EU with flours from local cereals, with high nutritional values and a new type of natural leavening agent with prebiotic characteristics."

European Project approved by: FESR for the Italian Region Lombardia


Lactic fermentation, enzimatic activity (b-galactosdase, inulinase)

Inoculation > propagation in the dough > devitalization in the oven

Cellular fragments In the finished product

Cold applications (creams, decorations, fillings, etc.)


Sensory, Rheology, Texture Digestability, Self Life

Paraprobiotic / Postbiotic Effect

Prebiotic Effect

Probiotic Effect

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Products technical sheets and leaflets:

TDS KluybreadPH – lyophilized

TDS KLFreshPro

KLFreshPro brochure

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