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Our story is about transforming tradition in innovation

TURVAL Laboratories were founded as a start up company in the 90's by a group of biotechnological researchers from Friuli (North Italian Region) with the main purpose to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal nutrition and improve the feeding efficacy in the natural way.

Thanks to numerous scientific collaborations with prestigious international research institutes, Turval labs developed new generation prebiotics and postbiotics, based on KEFIR BORN, LACTIC YEAST, KLUYVEROMYCES MARXIANUS FRAGILIS B0399 as a natural and safe way to protect animals.

It has been shown that the use of this lactic yeast in feed, both as probiotic (live microorganism) and postbiotic (inanimate bacteria, cell components or post-fermentation by-products), have a positive effect on the growth of pigs, chickens and young ruminants, on the stabilization of the intestinal microbiota of pigs and in the prevention of mastitis in dairy cows. Finally it reduces the occurrence of pathogens in large-scale farms further decreasing the need for antibiotics.

With constant research and scientific-technological innovation this safe and natural way to protect animals was subsequently translated to human health and nutrition. It was soon demonstrated and certified by international health and food Authorities that this yeast is the only human probiotic highly efficient with very low daily dose, even 10 to 100 times lower than the other commercially available probiotics.

Our concept to constantly increase our knowledge about this active principle while striving to improve the quality and productivity is contained in the company’s DNA. It is also the reason why the company has been able to stand out worldwide as a reference point in the Italian and international Kluyveromyces marxianus research panorama.

Research ethics, high quality standards, family spirit and inclination to flexibility are the algorithm for quick response to the needs of the final customer and the force generator for Turval’s growth, currently measuring the presence in 18 countries on 4 continents.q

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