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Camels And Camelids


The importance of natural active yeasts

"TURVAL 3 CAMEL Daily" complimentary fodder is capable of maintaining the yeast's probiotic properties unaltered and guaranteeing its preservability. This special study guarantees the easy use of this

Trial 10: Use of lactic yeast in camels during weaning

The results of this experiment suggest that the use of lactic yeast (Turval B0399: Kluyveromyces B0399) can promote faster growth and better health among weaning calves.Research by E. Beretta, J. Imun

Trial 63: Effect of probiotic Turval5 camelids

Effect of probiotic Turval5 camelids ( with Kluyveromyces BO399) on LLAMAS and ALPACAS diet .(1° quarter short report)David E. Anderson, DVM,MS Ohio State University I have been studying Turval 5 cam
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