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Trial 63: Effect of probiotic Turval5 camelids

Effect of probiotic Turval5 camelids ( with Kluyveromyces BO399) on LLAMAS and ALPACAS diet .(1° quarter short report)

David E. Anderson, DVM,MS Ohio State University

I have been studying Turval 5 camelids Daily for use in Llamas and alpacas for the past 6 months.
This product is a combination of probiotic organisms and microminerals with the goal to improve digestion by stabilizing the fermentative environment to help prevent the harmful effects of acidosis of the stomach comportments.
I have found this product to be readily consumed by most animals and have observed no ill effects what-so-ever in the feeding of this product.
In our studies, we have found a reduction of fecal pH from the expected 7.2 to to 7.6 of non- Turval supplemented animals down to a range of 6.2 to 6.6 in Turval supplemented animals.
These pH changes suggest that the probiotic may have an effect on digestion in the periods of stress (e.g. illness, during antibiotic therapy, during transportation and showing, in the early post-weaning period, etc.)
I have found the Turval product to be of high quality, safe in all respects during our studies, and readily accepted as a feed " top dress" by most Llamas and alpacas.

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