Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries

"Bio-Friuli" yeast prize at Verona

Turval, an innovative company in the biotechnology field with headquarters based on the Science and Technological Park of Udine since 2005, has won one of the five funds created by the Joint Project, a competition sponsored by the University of Verona.

public competition of this year, inherent Expo, focused on the agri-food sector, has selected five projects submitted by five companies in collaboration with research groups at the University of Verona, for the realization of which were designed around three million euro .
Paola Lovrovich of Turval in partnership with a research group of the Biotechnology Department , submitted a draft of a new
Probiotic Lactic Yeast® produced in these laboratories site in Udine and used as an active ingredient for dietary supplements.
The other winners are a chewing gum with
a biological anti-caries active , bread and pasta products with a wheat selected in the Mediterranean for coeliacs, a study on the microencapsulation of algae in foods to stimulate the physiology and the human immune system and, finally, products dietary acting against the pathological processes of aging.

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