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Kluyveromyces B0399 and Intestinal microbiota in Covid-19 infected patients

Trial 252: Oral intake of Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399 plus Lactobacillus rhamnosus CECT 30579 to mitigate symptoms in COVID-19 patients: A randomized open label clinical trial

Vicente Navarro-López a b, Adriana Hernández-Belmonte b, Maria Isabel Pérez Soto c, Maikel Ayo-González d, Guillermo Losa-Rodríguez d, Esther Ros-Sánchez d, Maravillas Martínez-Gabarrón d, Pedro Sánchez-Pellicer a, Juan Aguera-Santos a, Eva Núñez-Delegido a, Beatriz Ruzafa-Costas a, José Antonio Picó-Monllor e, Laura Navarro-Moratalla a

a. MiBioPath Research Group, Health and Science Faculty, Catholic University of Murcia, Campus de Los Jerónimos N 135, 30107, Murcia, Spain

b. Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Unit, Hospital Universitario Del Vinalopó, 03293, Elche, Spain

c. Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Universitario Del Vinalopó, 03293, Elche, Spain

d. Department of Hospital Homecare Unit, Hospital Universitario Del Vinalopó, 03293, Elche, Spain

e. Department of Pharmacology, Pediatrics and Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, 03202, Elche, Spain

 NCBI Publication: Medicine in Microecology. Volume 14, December 2022


  • A selected probiotic strains reduces severity of COVID-19 digestive symptoms.
  • The probiotic mixture reduces the total number of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The selected strains were Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CECT 30579.
  • The probiotic mixture is safe with no relevant side effects and high adherence.
  • The probiotic mixture could be an effective coadjutant treatment for the COVID-19.


At the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, developing of new treatments to control the spread of infection and decrease morbidity and mortality are necessary. This prospective, open-label, case-control intervention study evaluates the impact of the oral intake of the probiotic yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399 together with Lactobacillus rhamnosus CECT 30579, administered for 30 days, on the evolution of COVID-19 patients. Analysis of the digestive symptoms at the end of the follow up shows a benefit of the probiotic in the number of patients without pyrosis (100% vs 33.3%; p 0.05) and without abdominal pain (100% vs 62.5%; p 0.04). Results also show a better evolution when evaluating the difference in the overall number of patients without non-digestive symptoms at the end of the follow-up (41.7%, vs 13%; p 0.06). The percentage of improvement in the digestive symptoms (65% vs 88%; p value 0.06) and the global symptoms (digestive and non-digestive) (88.6% vs 70.8%; p value 0.03) is higher in the probiotic group. The probiotic was well tolerated with no relevant side effects and high adherence among patients. In conclusion, this coadjutant treatment seems to be promising, although results should be confirmed in new studies with higher number of patients.




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