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Trial 102 Food test with serum and TURVAL 16 SWINE on fattened pigs

Dr. Cesare Lui - Ph Vet. Mantova (Italy)

1.Test methods

Breeding site at Orte (Rome) Owner: Mr. Mazzilli (Agropontino)
N ° pigs: about 1000 per group.
Breed of the pigs:  L x LW x D
Average weight pigs at the beginning of test: 40 Kg
Average weight pigs at the end of cycle: 160 Kg

The use of serum in the diet of pigs varies from 8 to 10 lt. (if the serum is of poor quality, even a use of only 5 lt. for every animal per day can become harmful for the diet of bred animals, causing large economic losses for the breeding itself).
The serum, with relatively reasonable cost compared to the feed, is used instead of the feed normally given in the pigs regular diet.  This saves a notable amount of money.
Because of its chemical-physical properties, the serum, however, can partially substitute the most onerous feed; large quantities of the serum a day can in fact cause intestinal problems for the animals: in this case, the financial savings are no longer valid.
Associating the serum with a product that improves nutrition compared to the serum itself is important from the economic and nutritional point of view.
The product Turval 16 Swine, base on kluyvermyces m.f. B0399, brings the right amount of B-galactodase that allows the lactic components to divide for a greater assimilation of the nutritional ingredients of the serum and of the feed.
The greater use of serum and the lesser demand of feed translate into financial savings for breeding (refer to excel).

The piglets with the following test were feed with the following amounts of serum:
first stage: from 40 to 90 kg of the live weight :  15 lt / capo/ die
second stage: from 90 to 160 kg of the live weight  : 24 lt / capo /die

2.Materials and Costs


1000 pigs (2 stages of fattening: first stage: 40-90 kg and second stage : 90-160 kg)
Serum vaccine (6% dry matter): 0.004 € / liter (at 03 sept. 2009)
feed for pigs: 0.23 € / Kg (to 09/03/09)
Turval 16 swine: 7 € / kg

3. Comments on test results

1)  Excellent control on intestinal pathologies even with a higher amount of serum;
2) Good productive indices
3) Reduce amount of  feed request :
 1,0 kg in the first stage (from  40 to 90 kg live weight)
 1,5 kg in the second stage (from 90 to 160 kg live weight)

 Fig.1 Average cost per pig without


average cost per pig without Turval €/d



average cost per pig with Turval  €/d







Group  whitout Tuval


kg feed per day (stage1)


kg feed per day

 (stage 2)


Average kg feed per day


Group with Turval


kg feed per day

(stage 1)


kg feed per day

(stage 2)


Average kg feed per day







Group whitout Turval



Lt. of serum per day (stage 1)



Lt. of serum per day (stage 2)


 Average Lt siero/d


Group with Turval



Lt. of serum per day (stage 1)



Lt. of serum per day (stage 2)



Lt. of serum per day


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