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TURVAL B0399/500

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Turval® B0399® / 500 is based on active dehydrated lactic yeasts, Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399 and supported by a wide range of cellular metabolites, fermentation by products and hydrolyzed proteins.

Kluyveromyces marxianus (B0399) (Hansen) van der Walt, synonymous of Kluyveromyces fragilis; Genus Kluyveromyces, ascosporigenous, of which morphological characteristics and reproduction system have been described. Isolation, purification, preservation, identification and classification were executed according to the dictates of “Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology” and according to Lodder e Kreger van Rij, at theUniversitt di Perugia, Italy, Department of Botanical Biology , Applied Microbiology Sector. The mother strain (B0399) is deposited at BCCM – Belgian Coordinated Collection of Microrganism – Colture Collection Mycotheque de l’Université Catholique de Louvain.

This lactic acid, homofermenting yeasts (or simply “lactic yeasts”), is capable of digesting and fermenting lactose by means of enzyme beta-galactosidase (lactase), but is also a producer of inulinase, the enzyme which hydrolyses a plant fructan called inulin that is not commonly found in other yeasts or fungi.

Enzymatic cleavage of beta-galactosidase:

GAL-O-G + H2O = GAL + G

lactose + H2O = galactose + glucose

Turval B0399 stands out for its unique characteristics, which sets it apart from commercial yeasts  employed in animal diets, mostly belonging to the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae (“brewer’s yeast”) brewer’s yeasts, but also from other lactic yeasts.

One of the first in vitro tests conducted at the University of Udine (Italy) confirmed this high secretory and fermentative capacity of Turval B0399 (from the fermentation of the organic substrata) and demonstrated that Turval B0399 produces much more efficiently lactic acid and acetic acid than brewer’s yeast, S.cerevisiae.

  Turval B0399 Brewer’s yeast
Acido lattico (mg/l) 2152 214
Ac. lattico + ac. acetico (mg/l) 3483 330

Chart. Fermentation capacity of Turval B0399 vs Brewer’s yeast ( pH 6,8, 39° C, 24 ore). (Univ. Udine 1999).

Compared to other additives based on probiotic bacteria, Turval B0399 stands out for its elevated thermostability with the ability to growth up to 50° C; and natural and nontransmissible resistence to most commonly used antibiotics (such as the Ampicillin, Erythromycin, Tetracyclines and Amoxicillin etc.).

K. marxianus fragilis B0399 demonstrated a number of beneficial and strain-specific properties desirable for application as a new generation probiotic” Research done by University of Bologna, Italy & University of Reading, UK, published by an international scientific journal: American Society for Microbiology 1Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2012 Feb; 78(4) .

K. marxianus fragilis B0399 have been used in feed, pharmaceutical and food industries for more than 20 years.

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