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Turval 9 pigeon

Daily intestinal bioregulator for pigeons with a basis of typified lactic yeasts.

Scientific assistance by: Dr. Adriano Verardi, DVM – Veterinary surgeon and Olympic racing pigeon breeder Piverone (Turin-Italy).


Description Of Product

The importance and benefits of biologically active natural yeasts, and , in particolar, those with lactic fermentation, in the diet, the control of digestive functions and above all the bioregulazation of the intestinal apparatus of animals in general, is a well-known fact. However, up until now, problems regarding production, duration, utilization and the preservation of biological activity of this product has notably limited its use. Our laboratories have succeeded in finding an effective solution to these problems by adopting a series of technological procedures which have been perfected and patented, during many years of research and experimentation under the guidance of qualified biotechnologists. These yeasts are now available to breeders with the intestinal bioregulator TURVAL 9 PIGEON, which is able to maintain the yeast’s probiotic properties unaltered and guaranteeing its preservability.


The lactic fermenting yeasts contained in the product possess enzymes which play an essential role in the digestive processes of sugar (particularly lactose, due to an enzymatic activity of the enzyme beta-galactosidase), the absorbtion of the nutritional ingredients and the formation of coenzymatic factors. They carry out a marked bioregulating and modulating. action of the intestinal bacteric flora (probiotic action), allowing the animal to reach and preserve an optimum state of health which, in turn, results in better performance. The selected lactic yeasts TURVAL 9 PIGEON, once introduced in the intestine of the animal, perform a direct and in direct action on the intestinal microbic flora.

The direct action is carried out through an anticoliform action and against numerous pathogenic enterobacteria, while the indirect action favors both the development of specific lactobacilli already present naturally in the intestinal tract and the creation of all the intestinal microflora necessary for microbic equilibrium Their particular probiotic properties lie in their capacity to maintain a marked replicative vitality, even at a very low pH (3 – 3.5) – in virtue of their outer cellular wall with a high chitin content.. They are resistant to the action of gastric juices and can therefore effectively reach the intestinal tract where they continue their metabolic activity They work at the intestinal level, destroying lactose and provoking the fermentation of simple sugars and are consequently able to develop lactic acid which lowers the intestinal pH so that the development of enteric oliforms slows down and the lactic ferments increase, creating a better microbic equilibrium.

These yeasts differ considerably from brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae) because even though they are eukaryote, they are part of the range of lactic bacteria which exercise a more effective metabolic action than brewer’s yeast. It has been observed that they:* are able to effectively penetrate the gastric barrier , involving vaster areas of the intestine* demonstrate a major implantation and replication capacity * favor a major development of intestinal lactobacilli and of the microflora useful tointestinal equilibriums through a specific metabolic action (see production of lactic acid). They are more efficient in maintaining the equilibrium of the intestinal bacteric flora and also act as a growth factor.. * have an elevated resistance to antibiotics.

Benefits And Applications

The supplement TURVAL 9 PIGEON was expressly studied for the pur pose of completing the diet of pigeons which are subject to various types of sport stress. TURVAL 9 PIGEON has been tested extensively on subjects in competition, under the careful control of qualified nutritionist veterinarians, giving the best results both as a bioregulator of the bacteric intestinal flora and as a complement to the daily diet.

TURVAL 9 PIGEON improve the action of vitamins or therapeutic treatments. Best results are seen when TURVAL 9 PIGEON is utilized as a complement to the diet at the preventative stage. In fact:

*In pigeons of competition, under strain or stress, problems connected to an imbalance of the intestinal flora (ex. Liquid feced) are effectively reduced. It provokes a reaction of disintoxication, favors absorption at the enteric level and the energetic utilization of nutritional substances, as well as the rapid recovery of athletic performance.

The plumage becomes smoother and shinier. In particular, the trials conducted showed an increase of the “white powder” on the nasal carnuncola,- a phenomenon which indicates an improvement in the general state of health of the animal.


TURVAL 9 PIGEON Iis composed of a balanced mix of natural products: 80%TURVAL B0399 (tipifyed active lactic yeast Kluyveromyces F. B0399, wheat bran pre-treated and sterilized, whey powder, lactose, hydrolysed casein), 20% diosmectite, natural aromas (there is no artificial additino of calcium and phosphorus.


  • Humidity 11,2% 
  • Ashes 9,7%·
  • Raw proteins 27,2%
  • Raw fiber 6,2% 
  • Raw lipids 2,1% 
  • Inazotic extracts 43,6
  • Lactic yeast Kluyveromyces B0399 not inferior to 50 million UFC/g

Use And Dosage

TURVAL 9 PIGEON is added and mixed in the daily feed ration in the quantity of 2 teaspoons (4 g ca.) per adult pigeon. The supplement should be soaked in sugared water and mixed at the moment of feeding so it blends into the grain.


500 g container

200 g bags

Duration And Preservation

2 years, as long as the product is kept sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.The product is termostabilized.

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