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Turval 5 camelids daily

Daily support of digestive microflora with selected natural lactis yeast and mineral elements. The first component for your camelids for optimum performance. It is a good aid in preventing digestive problems.

“Turval camelid daily is my preferred probiotic for sick llamas, alpacas, and camels. This is the product of choice for our use in the veterinary teaching hospital. " D.E.Anderson director of Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

David E Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Head and Associate Professor of Farm Animal Surgery


Ohio State University

College of Veterinary Medicine - Columbus, Ohio USA

Description Of Product

Tested by Ohio State University (Columbus - USA). TURVAL 5 CAMELIDS Daily has been studied expressly to complement the daily diet of Llamas and Alpacas. It has also been tested on the camelid species under the careful control of qualified veterinary at the Ohio State University ( Columbus) USA.

TURVAL 5 Camelids is a probiotic made up of a balanced mixture of lactic yeast (TURVAL B0399), natural organic products, mineral elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co e Se) and metabolites including aminoacids, group B vitamins, enzymes etc.

The typified selected lactic yeasts ( turval B0399) contained in TURVAL 5 Camelids differ from the normally used beer yeasts (Saccaromyces) or lactic ferments (lactobacillis) in that they:

  • By-Pass the rumens barrier, involving the abomasum and large areas of the intestines.
  • Present an elevated replication capacity
  • Favor the multiplication of preexisting protozoal flora, increasing the degradedation of the food in the stomach compartmens.
  • Aid in maintaining a correct pH value during the phases of rumination and pasturing.
  • Defend the micro-ruminal flora during antibiotic therapy.


PVC containers

Net weight 1,5 Kg


TURVAL 5 Camelids, thanks to the action of its lactic yeasts, is the only fodder able to improve the function of the ruminal apparatus. It helps prevent ruminal pathologies such as alkalosis-acidosis, foamy meteorism, block of the abomasum, and all those caused by stress of the digestive system.

The presence of specific mineral microelements helps prevent the deficiencies associated with diseases of the skin.

Why Use Turval 5 Camelids Daily?

To Maintain An Optimum State Of Health .
For the best results use Turval 5 at the preventive stage as a complement to daily diet.


(quality of fleece, antistress) Its administration is advisable to improve the quality of the fleece since Turval 5 has been formulated with a component of micro-elements which favor the coat's development.During shearing, the animal also undergoes a notable amount of stress, caused by contact with other animals and the new environment in which it is introduced. This stress creates problems in the animal's ruminal flora, which diminishes. By aiding the growth of ruminal and intestinal bacteria, Turval 5 swiftly resolves the trauma of shearing, thus helping the animal get through this productive phase and exploiting its productive capacity.


During weaning, the animals are separated from their mothers, new groups are formed and the maternal milk is removed from their diet. These factors provoke imbalances which impede the growth performance for several weeks, with a negative effect on the fleece. Turval 5 notably helps the young camelid get through this very difficult period of its life, and which is also a critical time for the breeder.


Before and after giving birth, Turval 5 favors the correct assumption of dry substance, aiding the animal in this phase in which its life is at risk. By safeguarding the ruminal flora, Turval 5 aids the production of milk and an increased development of the redo of the Alpaca or Llama. Moreover, a post-partum abnormal energy metabolism, will be prevented.


In the case of abnormalites involving the rumen with blockage of the ruminative functions, Turval 5 helps to re-establish the ruminal pH and increase the bacterial flora of the rumen, supplying a valid substratum for the endogenous bacteria of the rumen.


In dietary changes, the administration of Turval 5 improves the adaption of the ruminal flora to the new foods, warding off the various problems which such changes can provoke.


Turval 5 is a valid support to ruminaland intestinal bacteria during antibiotic therapies which diminish their concentration.


Dried distillers, dried stillage of brewery, Turval B0399 (Probiotic Lactic* Yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399),mineral salts, wheat bran, mineral microelements (Fe, Zn , Cu, Mn, Co and Se).

*: ferments lactose, no milk ingredients or derivatives included.

ANALYSIS (Approximate Values)

  • Moisture level:11.0%
  • Crude protein: 27.2%
  • Crude fat: 1.8%
  • Crude fibers: 6.0%
  • Ashes: 10.8%
  • Inazotic extracts: 43.2%

Use And Dosage

TURVAL 5 CAMELIDS can be added to the daily ration in the following quantities:

CRIAS: 5 gr. per day

ALPACAS:10 gr. per day

LLAMAS: 30 gr. per day

Duration And Preservation

2 years provided the product is kept under 25° C in a dry place. The product is thermostabilized.


For further information and samples please contact Turval laboratories.

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