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Turval 3 camel daily

Daily support of ruminal microflora with selected natural yeast and micromineral elements. The first component for camel for optimum performance.

“Turval camelid daily is my preferred probiotic for sick llamas, alpacas, and camels. This is the product of choice for our use in the veterinary teaching hospital. "
D.E.Anderson director of Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

David E Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Head and Associate Professor of Farm Animal Surgery


Ohio State University

College of Veterinary Medicine - Columbus, Ohio USA

Description Of Product

The importance of natural active yeasts, particularly lactic yeasts, in the nourishment and bioregulation of the rumen flora is common knowledge. However, problems pertaining to this product's preservation and use have been limited considerably. Our laboratories (*) have succeeded in finding as effective solution to this problem by adopting procedures which have been perfected and patented during many years of research and experimentation under the guidance of qualified biotechnologists.

These yeasts have now been made available to breeders as "TURVAL 3 CAMEL Daily" complimentary fodder which is capable of maintaining the yeast's probiotic properties unaltered and guaranteeing its preservability. Our laboratories studied the intergration of microelements, in the camel's diet as a supportive additive.

This special study guarantees the easy use of this product without producing side-effects.

TURVAL 3 CAMEL is made up of a balanced mixture of natural organic products, mineral elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co and Se) and metabolites including aminoacids, group B vitamins, enzymes etc.

TURVAL 3 CAMEL, in collaboration with the Dept. of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Nairobi, has been tested at length on many camel species, under the careful control of qualified veterinary surgeons at the experimentation center at Ol Maisor Ranch (Kenya) giving excellent results.


The fodder's lactic yeast is a good substratum for protozoals of Group A B; this protozoal is present in the rumen of camels. The increment of this microbic flora aids the first part of digestion in the rumens.

In camels the pH of the rumen is in relation with the time of the physiologic moment of digestion. During grazing, the pH can reach up to 8.2.

The addition of TURVAL 3 feed supplement helps during the phases of rumination where the pH must reach 6.2 for good rumination and digestion of the meal. During the dry seasons there are problems of alcalosis of the abomasus, because rumens don't have a good pH balance and the meal reaches the abomasus with a pH that is too high.

The lactic yeast aids the lowering of the pH in the rumens juice. During the animal's lifetime, there are periods of stress, such as:

  • calving
  • initiation of lactation-weaning
  • exposure to disease
  • transport
  • movement between groups
  • management practices (castration, vaccination)
  • competition

These stressful circumstances highly modify the physiological status of the blood cortisol, glucose, creatine phospokinese, urea nitrogen, fibrogen, glucose, ACTH (adreanocroticotrofic). These changes in the blood have a bad effect on the fermentation activity of the rumen.

The daily use of TURVAL 3 during stress prevents the development of the disease.

With TURVAL 3 we have carefully considered the importance of intergration of principal micorelements to prevent the pathology of deficiency. Yeast is a good vehicle for microelements like Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, I, Co, and Se. These minerals have a specific use in the physiological process.

For example: I prevents thyroid disease, Cu prevents ocular pathologies, and Se gives increments of vitamin E.

Benefits And Applications

TURVAL 3 daily fodder has been specifically created to integrate a camel's diet. It is effective on bulls as well as on pregnant camels and weaning calves. It is also effective as a supplement for racing camels, both before competition, to ensure a good performance, and after, during recovery:

  • in bulls TURVAL 3 helps prevent abomasus disease and ensures a good pH level during grazing and rumination. It boosts the capacity of degradation of the rumens and of first digestion in the abomasus.
  • in female camels TURVAL 3 works to save the rumen before and after the partum and maintains the quality of the rumen.
  • for weaning calves TURVAL 3 helps to create flora in the rumen, after the separation from the mother and the lack of milk.


TURVAL 3 feed integrator consists of a balanced mix of ingredients including: dried distillers, dried stillage of brewery, Turval ™ B0399 (Probiotic Lactic* Yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399), mineral salts, wheat bran, mineral microelements (Fe, Zn , Cu, Mn, Co, I and Se).

*ferments lactose, no milk ingredients or derivatives included.

Chemical And Microbiological Analyses

  • humidity 11%
  • raw fibre 6%
  • raw protein 27.2%
  • inazotic extracts 43.2%
  • raw fats 1.8%
  • lactic yeasts >3.2-107 UFC/g
  • ashes 10.8%

Use And Dosage

Weaning calves should be given 20gr. daily.

Female camels should be given 10 gr. per 100 kg's. body weight before and after partum.

Bulls should be given 5 gr. per 100 kgs. live weight.

When the rumen or abomasus is blocked, adult camels should be given 200-300 gr. daily for 4 days.

Duration And Preservation

2 years if the sealed package is stored in a cool and dry place.


For further information and samples please contact Turval laboratories.

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