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Turval 12 horse sport

Intestinal bioregulator for racing horses: the ideal new component for your horse's diet for an optimum state of health. It is an effective aid in preventing and treating colic.

Product Characteristics

TURVAL 12 was specifically created to supplement the daily diet of horses involved in sports activities of an intense and continuative nature as well as in heavy work activities.

The probiotic properties of the lactic yeasts in TURVAL 12 Sport are supplemented with an amino acid component, i.e. DL-Carnitine which is anamino acid with specific tropism. Therefore, we have succeeded in creating a product which combines the positive effects of TURVAL 6 with those provided by carnitine, the dosage of which is such that the product can be administered daily for preventive purposes.


SHEET n.16i

TURVAL® 12 horse sport (world patent pending)




Lactic fermentation yeasts contained in TURVAL 12 by means of their enzymatic contents play an important role in processes involving the digestion of sugars (especially lactose thanks to the enzyme activity carried out by the beta-galctosydasis enzyme) and the absorption of nutritional principles.

Furthermore, they have also proven to be excellent bioregulators and modulators of intestinal bacterial flora (probiotic function), since they enable animals to reach and maintain an optimum level of health (with improved conversion rates), which in turn leads to better plasticyields.

Once the lactic yeasts in TURVAL 12 have been introduced into the animal's intestine, they perform both a direct and indirect function on the intestinal microbic flora. Direct action is carried out on and against coliforms and many types of pathogenic enterobacteria, whereas indirect action is carried out by stimulating the development of specific lactobacilli already present in the animal's intestine, and by creating intestinal microflora which plays an important role in maintaining the animal'sintestinal microbic balance.

The yeast's main probiotic property is the capability to guarantee high replication vitality in the presence of extremely low pH values (3 - 3.5) thanks to their external cell walls which have a high chitin content. As they are highly resistant to the action of gastric juices, they are capable of reaching the animal's intestine effectively and continuing their metabolic functions.

Their activity at intestinal level consists in breaking up lactose and other sugars, thus favoring the development of lactic acid which reduces intestinal pH. The result of this process is the reduction of enteric coliforms and the stimulation of those lactobacyllus which are able to provide an improved microbic balance.

These yeasts differ considerably from normal beer yeasts (saccoromices cervisae). Although they are eukaryote, they do belong to the lactic bacteria category. Therefore, their metabolic activity is more effective than that of beer yeast, as it has been observed that:

  • they are capable of penetrating the gastric barrier effectively and reaching a larger part of the animal's intestines;
  • they are marked by high replication and implanting characteristics;
  • they favour the development of intestinal lactobacilli and of microflora which is useful to the animal's intestinal balance by means of its specific metabolic function(see production of lactic acid); they are more effective in maintaining the balance of the bacterialflora and act as a growth factor;
  • they have high antibiotic resistance;
  • they inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria, thus reducing the unpleasant smell of the animal's feces.

The carnitine present in TURVAL 12 is an amino acid with specific tropism both for the horse's muscle, skeleton and cardiac tissues and for the exocrine glands of the digestive system. Its dosage was studied to provide a daily amount of carnitine capable of supplementing the carnitine synthesized by the hepatocyte, which, should it be damaged, produces an inadequate amount of this amino acid and therefore brings about hepatic insufficiency.

Furthermore, in the case of skeleton, muscle and cardiactissue pathologies, carnitine is capable of optimizing the use of non-esterificating fat acids (NEFA), thus producing high levels of energyand improving performance.

*TURVAL Lab.: included in Register of high quality lab. of Ministry of Scientific Research (Italy) L. 46/82.

Benefits And Applications

TURVAL 12 fodder has been specifically created to supplement the daily diet of horses involved in sports activities and is suitable for adult horses, foals, colts and brood-mares alike.

TURVAL 12 Sport has been extensively tested on many equine species under the careful guidance of qualified nutritionist veterinarians. It achieved excellent results when tested both as a bacterial flora bioregulator and as an invigorating element in the case of etiologies deriving from stress and diet imbalances affecting the hepatocyte.

TURVAL 12 Sport does not interfere with the action of vitamins and of other therapeutic treatments. In these cases it contributes to preventing diarrhea and gastro-duodenal ulcera;

  • in colts, during the pre-breaking phase and at the beginning of sports activities, it stimulates digestive metabolism and increases plastic yield (auxinic effect);
  • in horses understress, it reduces problems (such as colics and aerophagies) arising from intestinal flora imbalances, it has a detoxicating effect on the horse's liver, and favours absorption at an enteric level, the energetic use of food as well as the horse's rapid recovery;
  • in stallions, it stimulates reproduction instinct and improves fecundity and fertilityrates;
  • in brood-mares, especially in old ones, it helps regulate estron cycles and improves conception rates;
  • the horse's coat is more shiny and is changed regularly;
  • best results are obtained when the product is used for preventive purposes as a supplement to the horse's diet. The product must be administered over a period of 30 days alternated with a 30-day pause during the period of the horse's work or sports activities.

When To Use Turval

Horses are exposed to many stressful events that may cause healthy problems. These stress situations include:


Gastrointestinal upset (colic) can be caused by numerous things, from ingestion anything unusual such as weeds to a distribution of bacterial fermentation in the intestines. Although many colic cases are mild, some require surgery if the horse is to survive. Help keep the intestine functioning normally by feeding probiotic feed supplements like Turval 6 daily or Turval 12 sport.


While traveling and showing, horse are exposed to many adverse conditions such as inclement weather, and feed or pasture changes can lead to poor feed intake and weight loss. Use probiotics of Turval line to sustain a healthy balance of intestinal micro-organisms, and help maintain feed intake.


Weather change and extremes ( heat and cold), can put stress on the animal, resulting in reduced feed intake, and weight loss. Maintain horses on Turval during these period.


Antibiotic can destroy pathogenic microorganisms as well as the beneficial bacteria that are normally found in an animal's digestive tract. Use Turval feed supplements during antibiotic therapy. This is the only product ables to help intestine, maintaining the natural balance of microflora.


The coexistence of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria in an important factor in the general health of the horse. If this balance is upset. The potentially pathogenic bacteria increase, compromising the horse's health and growth. Use Turval feed supplements to help preserve a healthy microbial balance in the intestinal tract, so as to maintain performance.


At weaning, a young horse's digestive system is not fully developed to efficiently change from milk to plant-based rations, which can result in poor appetite and weight loss. In addition, these horses are subject to further stresses such as vaccination and gelding. Also, because horse's have a unique digestive system, the grand intestine does not function normally. A horse's small stomach can easily be overfilled. This can cause the stomach pH to increase, allowing potential pathogens to grow. Use Turval 6 horse feed supplement to help maintain feed intake and weight gain during these times.


Neonatal foals often experience intestinal upset, most often during the sixth and seventh day of age. Incidents of foal heat diarrhea can become lengthy and severe, resulting poor growth. Use Turval 6 at lower ration to help control the length and severity of foal heat diarrhea.


TURVAL 12 Sport is composed of a balanced mix of natural products, such as: dried distillers, dried stillage of brewery, wheat bran,TURVAL B (dried selected active lactic yeasts, fermentation substratum, hydrolyzed proteins, powder whey) and amino acids such as carnitine (thereare no artificial calcium or phosphorus additives).

Chemical And Microbiological Analyses

  • humidity: 10%
  • raw fibre: 7%
  • raw proteins: 25%
  • carbohydrates: 43%
  • raw lipids: 5%
  • ashes: 9.7%  

Use And Dosage

TURVAL 12 is added to the daily ration of fodder in the following quantities:

  • foals: 10g per day
  • weaning colts: 15g per day
  • one year old colts, adult horses, stallions and brood-mares: 20g per day

TURVAL 12 used as a therapeutic adjuvant.

During the first days of use and when used as a therapeutic adjuvant, a double or triple ration is advisable. 2 days prior to and after sports activities it is advisable to double rations.

Duration And Preservation

2 years if stored in a dry and cool place and if not exposed to direct sunlight.

Information Service

For further information and samples please contact Turval laboratories. 

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