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Products for horse, pet and exotic animals.

 TURVAL 6 HORSE DAILY - Daily intestinal bioregulator for horses


Net Weight


# of days supply for one adult animal


TV6 H/1.2

1,25 kg

2.75 lbs

PE  container

1 x 60 days


TV6  H/5

5,00 kg

11.00 lbs

PE container with handle

4 x 60 days


TURVAL 12 HORSE SPORT- Daily intestinal bioregulator for race horses

TV12 H/1.2

1,25 kg

2.75 lbs

PE  container

1 x 60 days


TV12 H/5

5,00 kg

11.00 lbs

PE Container with handle

4 x 60 days


 TURVAL 5 CAMELIDS - Daily support of digestives microflora for  llamas and alpacas



1,5 kg

 3.3 lbs

PE  container

60 llamas

150 alpacas


(38,67 €/kg)

TURVAL 3 CAMELS – Daily support for digestive microflora for camels

TV3 C/1.5

1,5 kg

3.3 lbs

PE  container

1 x 60 days


(38,67 €/kg)

FDA APPROVAL:  dated Sept. 6, 2005 DAF 02131.

Discretionary Power

All TURVAL products are formulated with raw materials selected with the latest methods at factories authorized by the Ministry of Health No. ITM 00001 UD  and Industry with  No. MG 252 of the 27th of Sept.,1994.

The Containers

The containers are made exclusively with atoxic material, as required by the Italian law (D:L March 21, 1973) and its subsequent ratifications, concerning hygienic standards for containers which are to come in contact with foods. They also conform with the law #108 of January 25, 1992.

The Products

With respect to the general characteristics, the products could be subject to modification without notice.

(this document substitues all those preceeding)

Pradamano (UD) Italy.

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