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Probiotic yeast made in Friuli: the all clear from the European Union and the USA

After the approval of the American Food and Drug Administration, the European Union also gave its approval to the probiotic yeast (KLUYVER B0399), an innovative ingredient processed by one of the first companies established in the Scientific Park of Udine.

Messaggero Veneto Nazionale Economia

UDINE.  After the recognition of the USA health administration (Food and Drug Administration), the European Union also approves of the probiotic yeast, an innovative active ingredient developed by one of the first established companies in the Scientific Park of Udine, Turval Laboratories, in collaboration with the University of Udine, Bologna, and Perugia.   The president of Friuli Innovazione, Furio Honsell, and director, Fabio Feruglio, proudly make the announcement and congratulate  the business and the researchers of the University of Udine, for the work done thus giving the Scientific Park of Udine international recognition.  “Being recognized by the European Union for a new active ingredient,” explains engineer Alessandro Turello of Turval,” is one of the most complicated and complex operations that exist, especially for the Italian businesses that are not supported like the  more fortunate ones in other countries, like France, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, and Holland.”  The process started 7 years ago by sending a dossier, through the Italian Ministry of Health, to the Ministries of Health of all the membered states.  After a study phase,  the questioning phase began, with requests for explanations that continued  for years.  The competent  EU Commission finally intervenes, who expresses its own opinion after examining the opinions of all the membered states.  In this case, they were in favor.

Now the probiotic yeast made in Friuli, first of its kind to have obtained dual authorization from the EU and USA, can be exported and marketed in the US and in Europe for both human and animal health.  The project for marketing development with be conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health Sciences directed by professor Piero Susmel,” the collaboration was extremely precious,” explain Turello,” even in the development of the product.  Among the particularities of the new active ingredient is the fact that it consists of a lactic yeast (Kluyveromyces fragilis) that acts with a greater efficiency than other lactic yeasts, it naturally surpasses the gastric barrier, it has a strong adjuvant action in the prevention and care of yeast infections, it is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and is the only one which carries out its activity in the presence of antibiotic therapy.

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