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New probiotics on the market for fermented milk: it is yeasts turn?

Brasil -Sao Paulo- Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes
Professor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences -FCA/UNICAMP.*

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Limeira - São Paulo

* Degree in nutrition (UFPEL),
Master of Science and Technology Agroindustriale (FAEM / UFPEL),
PhD in Food and Nutrition (FEA / UNICAMP),

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In general, the public is drawn towards the term lactobacilli and is associated with health, security, and well-being.  And it is true!  Lactobacilli can be very useful to us, especially if they are probiotics.  We have already had a few of these allies for our health available to us in yogurt and fermented milk.  Excellent.

To refresh the concept, probiotics are live microorganisms that, if consumed regularly and in appropriate quantities, promote good health.

When we say “microorganisms”, we are not referring to only bacteria, since other yeasts exist which demonstrate probiotic activity. A common example in our daily routine is the consumption of Saccharomyces bourlardii in the medicinal form to regulate the “intestinal flora” (or microbiota) during episodes of diarrhea.  It works!  It is a natural form of rebalancing the “flora” after, for example, the prolonged use of antibiotics which can lead to diarrhea, as I have commented before.  And no one has had the idea to produce fermented milk with this yeast?  Yes. Certain attempts were done by a few groups, but the sensory characteristics of the products were not desirable.  This is why the administration of this yeast remained limited only the medicinal form.

Another Saccharomyces which has been known for quite some time is Saccharomyces cereviseae, which is essential for the fermentation of bread, wine, and beer.  As far as we know, however, this only has a technological purpose, not a functional one, or rather, not all yeasts are probiotics. The big news is that soon fermented milk with the probiotic yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus will hit the Brazilian market.  The isolated strain has demonstrated resistance to digestion due to its outer membrane constituents.  This is why the yeast is able to reach the colon alive and active.  An advantage compared to other probiotic bacteria is rightfully the fact that it is a yeast, which guarantees its resistance to antibiotics used against bacteria.  The breakdown of lactose (fundamental for lactic fermentation) is guaranteed by the production of the “lactose” enzyme.  According to the manufacturers, the yeast presents several characteristics to promote good health.

You might be asking yourselves: where did this yeast come from?  Have already consumed a product that contains this?  If you have already experimented with kefir, then the answer is yes.  That is from where we know this product. All that is missing is being familiar with the taste of the product. As I have already mentioned, previous attempts to use other yeasts to produce fermented milk have failed because of the taste.  I am curious, as well!  If only it arrived on the national market, since it is seen that this product is well liked by consumers in other countries.

Reply/ Comment by Tiziano Franco

Turval no Brasil

Excellent article! I live in Brazil, but being Italian, I go to Italy every year. In January 2014 while I was making a purchase at Coop (a major Italian supermarket), I found a promotional sale of Eufyr yogurt. Being aware of the benefits of probiotics, I bought a few samples (each package containing two cups). I liked the taste and it was good for my health.

Upon attentively examining the label, I noticed that the manufacturer of the probiotic lactic yeast was the Turval company, which its headquarters are near my home in Italy. I, being 60 years old, have always been interested in products for good health. I went to the company with interests regarding the benefits of the product, and left as the representative for Brazil. They explained many thing to me. The main point is that not all K. marxianus yeasts are the same. The probiotic lactic yeast that was added to the Eufyr yogurt is Kluyvermyces marxianus fragilis Turval B0399.

After a few months, this yogurt allowed Coop to win the prestigious award “Salute of Excellence Awards” bestowed by Plma of Amsterdam.

Now the professors ar UFC and UECE of Fortaleza are preparing the documentation request of ANVISA. The conjecture is that before the end of the year, one can find a yogurt or fermented milk with this probiotic in Brazilian supermarkets. The success obtained in Europe with certainly be repeated here.

Reply/ Comment by Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes*

* Professor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences -FCA/UNICAMP.

Hello Mr. Tiziano!

Thanks for supplementary matter with more information. As a consumer, I am very appreciative and researcher interested in learning about the new product.Success in sales!


Adriane Antunes

Reply/ Comment by Paola Lovrovich

Research and Development Office
Turval Laboratories Ltd

Thanks for your concern Prof. Adriane Antunes,
I am Paola Lovrovich biologist at the company that produces the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis Probiotic Lactic Turval B0399, we are grateful for your interest in our product.

It might perhaps be of interest to know that, for years, our yeast is producing excellent results even as a dietary supplement for animals, many researches are published on our site for various species of animals (cows, pigs, horses, chickens, dogs, camels, etc.) http://www.turval.com/research
An important example is the ability of our Probiotic Lactic Yeast to increase milk production of cows improving its quality. And for this we will also present at the fair in São Paulo VITAFOOD these days.

For future developments in your country and more information, please also refer to our responsible for brazil Tiziano Franco.

We are also pleased to inform you that our product is new to success in the US, Canada and Eastern Europe.


Paola Lovrovich

Reply/ Comment by Ana Backovic

Serbian / Iugoslavia Scientific consultant

WHAT A GREAT THING YOU ARE DOING IN BRASIL!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DANA DAIRY COMPANY IS CURRENTLY DOING IN SERBIA!! Dana Dairy is a part of Sava Kovacevic AD, a leading agricultural company in the Republic of Serbia. Dana is currently finishing the final preparatory phase for lunching the new product based on the same Probiotic Yeast strain,  Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399. As a scientific consultant of Sava Kovacevic, I have to express great excitement because Serbia is going to produce a product of the same value in terms of health benefits as the Italian EUFYR!! This yeast strain is the only yeast strain we could find, proved to have unique combination of beneficial probiotic and metabolic properties that allows it to be an extra value to already valuable fermented milk products! I am glad to see that the same value is recognized in Brazil! Kluyveromtces marxianus is conquering the world!! :)

Reply/ Comment by Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes*

* Professor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences -FCA/UNICAMP.

Hello Paola

I appreciate the information.

I hope to see the product logo in Brazil.


Adriane Antunes

Reply/ Comment by Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes*

* Professor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences -FCA/UNICAMP.

Hi Ana!

Thanks for the message! I hope we can briefly find this new product in the Brazilian market!


Adriane Antunes

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