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From Turval in Friuli, a supplement for the Italian military.

The new probiotic (KLUYVER B0399) will be utilized by the Italian Red Cross and by the military, especially by the soldiers serving on missions abroad where they are not only exposed to stress from their difficult and dangerous work, but also to weather and sanitary conditions which are quite different to those they are used to in their own country.


A probiotic from Friuli for the Italian military.

Recently in Senigallia the tenth national meeting of the Military Corps Medical Officers and the eighth symposium of the Italian Red Cross health personnel were in fact organized; in the section concerning intestinal prevention, Dr. Teresa De Monte introduced the innovative probiotic of Turval Laboratories of Udine, approved also by the Ministry of Defense.

The new probiotic will in fact be used by the Italian Red Cross and by the military, especially for the soldiers going abroad, where they are subject to not only stress from a time-consuming and burdensome job, but also to sanitary and climactic conditions different from those they are exposed to at home.

“Five years ago,” explains engineer Alessandro Turello, owner of Turval Laboratories, “the Ministry of Defense analyzed the research results and the functional characteristics of our probiotic based on a particular lactic yeast, considering it much more effective than the usual lactic ferments and also considering it more useful in the application in the troops’ diet, mainly to reduce the impact of common diarrhea.”:

In any case intestinal problems can disable a large part of the soldiers who are on missions abroad. “for example,” adds Turello, “for those deployed in Afghanistan, the military Logistics Inspectorate quantified the high number of ill soldiers because of intestinal problems and diarrhea. According to the inspector, if the impact of these diseases will fall by only 10%, it would already be an extremely positive result under the terms of the medical diet prevention of the military.” 

In this context, the characteristics of this probiotic of Friuli were officially presented last June on the 26th at a convention held in a barrack of Venzone geared towards the troops leaving for Afghanistan.

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