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EuroScience proESOF2020: New Generation Probiotics - Online Conference

Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis: New Generation, Probiotic Lactic Yeast, Health Benefits and Industrial Prospects

Date and Time

Tue, 1 September 2020

14:00 – 17:30 CEST

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Scientific program

The “probiotic ban” of EU Commission seems helpful to uncovering “new generation probiotics”, well controlled, based on substantialscientific data that support specific health benefits, but in the same time, natural and familiar to human microbiome; “gut friendly”probiotics, that do not significantly modify the architecture of the microbiome. What to recommend?

14:00 - Keynote speech

Dr. John Morrissey (Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Cork, Ireland)

"The science underlying traditional human activity to industry exploitation of K. marxianus"

14:20 - Webinar 1: Pharma-Nutraceutical Industry

Dr. Ana Backovic, PhD (Researcher at Turval Biotechnologies - Scientific affairs)

"Global microbial overview and new species of microorganisms: role of probiotics as protection for humans."

Prof. Enrico Roda (Professor of Gastroenterology at University of Bologna; President of the Foundation "Institute of Health Science", International experts in gastroenterology)

"Use of probiotics e prebiotics in treating intestinal problems. New experiences by using K. marxianus species."

Dr Simone Maccaferri (Senior research advisor of University of Bologna - Italy, expert in microbiology and biotechnologies in food)

"Beneficial and strain specific properties of K. marxianus B0399 as probiotic."

Dr. Elisa Salvetti (Senior Researcher at the University of Verona - Italy)

“Value of Microbial Genome Sequencing for Probiotic Strain identification and characterization."

Dr. Roberto Pietro Stefani (Medical surgeon – Specialist in Odonto-stomatology; freelancer, Italy).

“Probiotics and periodontal disease: the innovative use of yeasts for therapeutic and preventive purposes.”

Dr. Antonio Miclavez (Associate Professor of Dentistry University Ludes - Switzerland - President Amon, Italian society of natural medicine and denstistry; freelancer, Italy).

“Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis: halitosis prevention.”

M.Sc. Edy Virgili (Nutrition Specialist – freelancer, Lecturer in Oncological Nutrition at the University of Camerino, Italy).

“Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399 in Oncology; New prospects and clinical results of Integrated Medicine.”

15:20 - Debate

15:45 - Webinar 2: Food & Beverage Industry

Dr. Ana Backovic, PhD (Researcher at Turval Biotechnologies - Scientific affairs)

"Functional food as innovative industry applications."

Eng. Davide Guarnacia (R&D manager - Chocolate factory Ducinea, Perugia - Italy)

"K. marxianus and chocolate: a new benefit for consumers."

Dr. Lucio Lepera (Technical sales manager, Sacco System Italy)

"Back to the Origin; Kluyveromyces marxianus, from caucasian kefir to mozzarella di bufala.”

Dr. Angelo Suarez (Fermented milk products application expert, Sacco System Italy)

“Dairy-Free Century; Probiotic fermented products of plant origin.”

Dr. Eleonora Marsich (Assistant professor at the University of Trieste, Italy)

“Biopolymer-based microencapsulation of probiotics; Advantages for food industry.”

16:10 - Debate

16.30 - Webinar 3: Bakery

Dr. Francesca Cecchini, PhD (Researcher at Turval Biotechnologies - Quality Control affairs)
"Innovative role of K. marxianus in bakery applications."

Dr. Gianluigi Mazzolari (Agri-food consultant)
“Kluybread: the third way of leavening to combine rheological and functional performances.”

Dr. Fabio Lodigiani (Food Technologist, 221B Baker Street srls – Bakery Laboratory)  “Innovations in Bakery Industry”

16:40 - Debate

17:00 - Closing

Eng. Alessandro Turello (CEO of Turval Laboratories)

“Story of Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399: from animal to human nutrition.”

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