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A new line of probiotic products is created by the production chain - made in Friuli Venezia Giulia - under the brand name Coop.

A new line of EUFYR Coop products (yogurt and dietary upplement), now available in stores across Italy, has recently been created under the collaboration of Coop, leader of the great Italian distributor, and Turval Laboratories, company of the scientific and technological park of Udine specialized in the research and production of probiotics. The new products are a synthesis of an all-friulano synergy: the collaboration etween scientific research, and cooperative and industrial enterprise. An exemplary experience of integration and application of the favored technology by territorial skills.


The Coop brand-named “new generation of yogurt” is an innovative dietary product based on the active ingredient TURVAL B0399, which is the first Italian probiotic consisting of lactic yeast and bifidobacteria or lactic ferments, patented by Alessandro Turello’s company—the scientific and technological park of Udine, Turval Laboratories srl. Coop’s EUFYR, unlike other products on the market, is the first yogurt to maintain the equilibrium on the intestinal bacterial flora even during antibiotic therapy.

The result obtained, which represents an important part of Coop because it addresses a current question like that of functional foods, is the result of the synergy “made in Friuli.”

There are several main contributors to this process: the University of Udine, in the supporting role of scientifically validating the active ingredient, Turval, an innovative company focused in biotechnologies which is established in the scientific and technological park of Udine and filed the microbial strain, and Coop Consumatori Nordest, a company that is interested in the territory.

Coop understood the innovative power of the studies done and the possibilities of their application on a large scale, and involved Coop Italia in betting on the probiotic lactic yeast from Friuli.

“It is about the success of an entire area,” emphasizes the president of Friuli Innovazione, Professor Cristiana Compagno, already the rector of Friuli, “and of the practice of technological transfer which shows how laboratory research can and should become an incentive of economic development. This is the valuable chain that we need to favor and fund. In all of this, research facilities like the scientific and technological park of Udine play a key role in the ecosystem of innovation and support. A role which can be enhanced by the collaboration of other innovative thinkers like Coop Consumatori Nordest, which had a fundamental role in having the Turval company and Coop Italia meet.”

“With this operation,” continues Roberto Sgavetta, vice president of Coop Consumatori Nordest, “we gave our brand name products every possible contribution in terms of innovation and of protection of the health of our consumers. Those who know us know that we are a credible and innovative business, strongly rooted in the territory with which it has ongoing exchanges in terms of objectives, resources and needs. The synergy created is a perfected example of how the vision, strength and competence of different actors of one territory can achieve a creative process able to produce concrete results. How can one not hope that in the future results like these will have the possibility of being replicated?”

EUFYR is a probiotic lactic yeast-based
dietary supplement which favors
equilibrium of the intestinal flora. Yeasts
are effective organisms that sustain the
equilibrium of the intestinal microbial flora
even in the presence of antibiotics.

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