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GalSor: Testimonials on the Use of BioVal

Testimonies on BioVal’s effectiveness (with lactic yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus f. B0399) obtained by four patients with particularly complex problems.

Hello Dr. Turello, I’m sending you these  interesting testimonies on the use of BioVal

  1. E.S. Montanella (AV) 5-year-old boy with severe constipation (relieves himself every 4-5 days).  The boy complained about anal pain every time he used the bathroom for the feces were exceptionally hard and thick.  The boy frequently had abdominal pain after using the bathroom. He used 1 Bioval bottle a day for 7 days.  By the second bottle, the boy was already using the restroom once a day with a regular feces consistency.  After the treatment, the boy was no longer suffering from abdominal pains.  The boy had to restart the treatment after 5 months for he wasn’t using the bathroom regularly again.  Once the second treatment was over, the boy was using the bathroom regularly with feces of normal consistency.
  2. P.R. Lacedonia (AV) 85-year-old female with severe case of constipation (1 use of the bathroom every 4-5 days).  Every time she used the bathroom, she suffered from anal and abdominal pains and had feces of hard consistency.  She was treated with 2 BioVal capsules a day for 14 days.  Just after 6 days, she began using the restroom every 2 days.  After 14 days of the treatment, the patient was using the restroom regularly once a day.  Rarely did the patient skip a day where she wouldn’t use the bathroom.  The consistency of the feces had become normal and her anal and abdominal pains were therefore gone.
  3. O.S. Montanella (AV) 40-year-old male with severe case of dysentery (used the restroom around 10 times per hour), he was treated with 2 BioVal capsules every 2 hours.  After 6 hours, the diarrheal feces stopped and the subsequent feces were of a soft consistency rather than runny.  The patient continued the treatment for 6 days.  After the treatment, he completely stabilized his feces consistency as well as how frequently he used the bathroom (once a day).
  4. C.Q CATANIA 75-year-old male, suffered from anxiety and mental confusion with widespread weakness in the limbs and general discomfort.  He took one packet of BioVal Complex a day for 40 days.  Already after 3 day he saw general improvements in his psychophysical state with a notable reduction of his anxiety and mental confusion.  After 10 days of therapy, the patient found very significant improvement in his limbs (a greater sensation of strength in the arms and legs) and a great dampening of his general discomfort. The patient said he had greatly improved in all aspects of the initial pathological spectrum.  After 40 days he showed slight signs of irritation in the intestinal tract (colitis) which was treated with antibiotics.  It is not known if the irritation was caused by the BioVal Complex or for other reasons.  After a treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, he never had typical symptoms of colitis again.

Best regards

Dr. Sandro Soriano

CEO and General Manager


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