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FAQ about Turval Horse line

1. What is TURVAL 6 Daily used for ?

TURVAL 6 is a daily intestinal bioregulator with selected natural lactic yeast, the ideal component to horse's diet for an optimum state of health. It is an effective aid in preventing and reating colic, it is also very important in preventing the formation of gastro-duodenal ulcers and it improves the gloss of coat and its regular change. It notably limits ammoniacal odour of the faces and bedsteads too.

2. How is it used ?

TURVAL 6 Horse must be added to the daily ration of fodder in the quantities written on the box (or sample) the measure is enclosed. It is appetizing for horses.
For use during a colic or at first: double or triple dosage recommended by our Veterinarians.

3. Does TURVAL 6 Daily the same functions of beer yeast ?

The selected lactic yeast contained in Turval 6 Daily differs from the normally used beer yeast in the following ways:                                  

  • they penetrate the gastric barrier more effectively, involving larger areas of the intestines;                                                
  • they favour the augmentation of the microflora, useful in maintaining intestinal microbic equilibrium and also act as a growth factor;                                     
  • they inhibit the growth of putrefying bacteria.

4. Is TURVAL 6 Daily also a vitamin supplement ?

No, it isn't, but it contains a wide range of cellular metabolites including group B vitamins.

5. Can TURVAL 6 Daily be used with other supplements or medicines ?

Yes, it can. Turval 6 daily doesn't interfere with the usual vitamin supplements in therapeutic treatments.

6. Does TURVAL 6 act as a vermifuge ?

No, it does not. Though it has many functions and indications, such as aiding the cures for fungal infections.

7. Can TURVAL 6 Daily be used without fear of addiction or is it used only for certain periods ?

TURVAL 6 Daily can be used continuously without causing the horse any problems, what so ever, it could be compared to the habit of us humans to consume yoghurt or live lactic bacteria to aid our intestinal functions, without using any medicinal options. This supplement regulates the intestinal flora of your horse.
For best results use TURVAL 6 Daily at the preventive stage as a complement to the daily diet.

8. Can TURVAL 6 Daily be used on all horses ?

Yes, it can be used on all different types of horses, as well as on brood-mares and foals as it increases the auxinic effect and it helps to regulate the estrogen cycles in brood-mares.

9. Can TURVAL 6 Daily be used after a period of illness ?

Yes, you can. In case of prolonged treatments with antibiotics and/or sulphamides, TURVAL is capable of controlling initial diarrhoea and only rarely it has been necessary to use other products.

10. Can TURVAL 6 Daily be used during antibiotic therapy ?

Yes, you can use TURVAL 6 Daily during the whole antibiotic therapy. The active ingredient of Turval 6 Daily, the Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399, presents an elevated degree of resistance to antibiotics (see Trail 84:" Resistence to antibiotics of the feed supplement Turval...".

11. How much does it cost daily ?

It costs less than 0,9 $/day

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