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Complete recovery from problems of metabolism in a filly with bilateral tallonitis,noticeable curve of the spinal column (saddling) and overweight.

Cassiopea is a crossbreed Bardigiano-Arabian born in 2005. The problems began in the first years of life: non-persistent bi-lateral limping on forefeet, noticeable curve of the spinal column (saddling), prominent belly and always overweight.
After having consulted various veterinarians who concentrated exclusively on the limbs (diagnosing a bilateral tallonitis, without understanding the reason for such an inflammation…) we came to Dr. S. S. (who advised us to administer Turval 6) who immediately hypothesized (and later confirmed with a thorough blood exam) a metabolic syndrome.

The mare had a hard time metabolizing sugars and fats—a large deposit of fat would forms on the crest of the neck and mineral deficiencies were verified which procured a general looseness in the ligaments (a curved back, hyper-flexion of the joints in movement which made the feet work badly and provoked the tallonitis).

Now, the cure of the horse consists in a diet with simple hay, 10kg per day, and lots and lots of movement. In the first phases of the cure, which began in December, 2008 (when the horse was still having problems) we administered a supplement of salts and minerals for 15 days, followed by 2 months of Turval (which the doctor said would help the metabolism). In the end, in February, we began to mount the horse and we haven’t stopped since. In the Spring and Fall we do a cycle of the salts supplement, under the advice of the vet.

The doctor follows the horse constantly and finds her to be 100% improved—the back has become straight (also due to work), the hyper-flexion of the joints has gradually disappeared and the fat deposit on the neck is gone: the horse is lively (even too much!!!) she works daily with exceptional performance. I’d say that’s not bad for a filly who for the first two and a half years of her life was limping!

Fadini Enrica da Parma 25 Nov 2009

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