Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries

The Bioval Plus also tested and recommended by the gastroenterologist and hepatologist Dr. Capanni

Dr. Marco Capanni

Clinic of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
U.O Digestive endoscopy
Alta Val d'Elsa Hospital
Poggibonsi (Siena)

Based on my clinical experience, Bioval Plus is effective in the correction of intestinal dismicrobisms in affected patients (i.e. it could help in the prevention of hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhotics.) as well as in the prophylaxis and treatment of  Candidasis. Obviously, in all these cases, it has to be integrated to the relative prescribed pharmacological therapies, where the goal is to enhance the efficacy and reduce the duration, if possible.




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