Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries


Turval 6 horse daily intestinal bioregulator with selected lactic yeast. The first natural active probiotic that penetrates the gastric barrier. It is an effective aid in preventing colics and also increases good performances. It really works! US-FDA approved.

  • Horse Colics, prevention with probiotics

    Trial#9: Efficacy of different european probiotics in sport horses with intestinal problems (horse colics). After two weeks there was a visible improvement of the faeces using Turval 6(Kluyveromyces B0399). During the treatment period there were no colics.

    Dott.Fabio Ferrari
    Ist. di Medicina Veterinaria di Wattens (Austria)

  • Colic, diarrhoea and generally poor conditions

    Trial#14: Good results in food supplement tests with Turval 6 Horse Daily (Kluyveromyces B0399). A rapid improvement was noted in general state of nutrition. Test on horses showing a generally poor state of nutrition, case history of frequent attacks of colic of medium to great severity and animals with slight diarrhoea, a distended abdomen and dull coat.

    Dott. Raffaele Cherchi / Dott. Sandro Delogu
    Istituto Incremento Ippico della Sardegna

  • Horse intestine

    Trial#17: TURVAL 6 Horse daily probiotic influence in chemistry in the large colon of the horse
    "Another factor monitored in this trial was total weight gain over the feeding period."

    Lowell R. Smalley, D.V.M.
    H & S Lab Inc.,Omaha, Nebraska USA

  • Prevent colic

    Trial#21: Preliminary clinical trials on horses with digestive problems.
    .....No occurance of colic in the four and one-half months since initiation of Turval 6 supplementation. The horse's physical appearance and condition is excellent. He is being shown successfully in dreassage competition. The owner is very pleased. .....

    Gerald K. Huff, D.V.M.
    Equine practice - Medicine Surgery - Las Vegas,Nevada USA

  • Trial#35: Comparative experimentation in relation to the efficacy of probiotics in animal nutrition

    The probiotics Turval 6, Turval Swine and Yea-Sac1026 have nonetheless maintained a good overall fermentation potential, which should allow for a better regulating activity of the intestinal microflora than the other products compared.

    Prof. Piero Susmel
    Università degli Studi di Udine - Dipartimento di Produzione Animale

  • Digestive problems in horses.

    Trial#42: Clinical examinations performed on horses suffering from digestive problems of various aetiologies.The above indicates that the product can be both therapeutic and preventive, when administered daily in 2-3 month cycles every 20 - 30 days, and prevents forms of meteoric cholic caused by intestinal microbial imbalances.

    Director Dott. Mauro Pasqualino
    Veterinary Surgey and Equine Medical Centre

  • Colic in horses, Turval success

    Trial#56: Experimental considerations on the use of TURVAL.
    In animals with gastroenteric disturbances related to both alterations of the digestive process and peristalsis, TURVAL has been successful in normalising intestinal function and furthermore its activity has been of assistance even in horses with recurrent colic caused by cribbing and intestinal meteorism.

    Dott. Renato Del Savio
    Doctor of Veterinary Science of Trieste

  • Probiotics for horses:pH colon

    Trial#57: Variation of large colon pH in horses after administration of lactic.
    The results of the experiments indicates that faecal pH can be used to monitor the acidity condition of the large intestine. On the basis of this data it can be concluded that the significant decrease of faecal pH observed after probiotic ingestion reflects a change of the fermentation in the large intestine, colon included.

    Susmel P., Stefanon B, Del Savio R. and Boccalon S.
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Udine (Italy)

  • Lactic yeast for stallion´s sperm quality.

    Trial#67: Evaluation of the effects of the supplementation of the diet with livelactic yeast (Kluyveromyces B0399) on stallion´s sperm quality.
    The interesting results of live lactic yeast supplementation obtained on stallions sperm characteristics suggest further studies with doses of live lactic yeast than 20 g/head/day and for a period longer than 90 days used in this experiment.

    P.G. Rassu (1), A. Cannas (1), R. Cherchi (2), S. Delogu (2), G. Enne (1);

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