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Tenth National Meeting of Medical Officers of CRI

The 10th national convention of the medical officers of the Military Corps and the 8th symposium of the sanitary personnel of the Italian Red Cross was held in Senigalia from September 18 to 21.

National Red Cross
Nation head Health Inspector of the Military Corps

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Nation head Health Inspector of the Military Corps

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Tenth National Meeting of Medical Officers of CRI
In Senigallia from the 18th to the 21st, the tenth national meeting of the Military Corps Medical Officers and the eighth symposium of the Italian Red Cross sanitary personnel was held.
The convention was organized by the nation head Health Inspector of the Military Corps under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, with the sponsorship of the Marche region, the Ancona province, Senigallia, and of the University of Studies of Rome “Tor Vergata”.
At the inauguration on Thursday, the 18th of September, the lieutenant colonel medical doctor Gabriele Lupini, president of the convention, talked about the ten years of activity of the event. The national president of the Italian Red Cross, Massimo Barra, the head of military health, admiral Vincenzo Martines, themayor of Senigallia, Luana Angeloni, the regional council, Fabio Badiali, social politics assessor of the Ancona province, Carla Virili, the leaders of the Military Corps and thevoluntary nurses of Cri were all present at the inauguration.
These were the scientific themes discussed at the convention: the methodology of rescue, medicine and surgery in emergencies, the CBRN defense, responsibility during emergencies, defensive medicine, and health personnel in international humanitarian law.
Among the moderators and speakers were the head of the Health office army General Michele Donvito, graduate school director of forensic medicine and insurance of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” professor Giovanni Arcudi, Cri President’s military advisor General Serafino Liberati and Dr. Teresa De Monte, who introduced the innovative probiotic of Turval Laboratories of Udine, approved also by the Ministry of Defense, to the military diet for those who go on missions abroad.
In the afternoon of Friday the 19th, at the Foro Annonario , a public defense drill took place that simulated a terrorist attack with the use of a chemical aggressor. CBRN highly specialized units of the Senigallia and Ancona Fire Brigade, as well as health nuclei participated in the decontamination and cleansing of the Cri Military Corps.
Correlating to the event, a social program took place which included a concert featuring the band of the 12th Cri mobilization center of Palermo at the “La Fenice” theater, including a historic and photographic exhibition “Inter Arma Caritas: 142 di storia” at the Rocca Roveresca, with a section dedicated to “La Croce rossa nell’opera fotografica di Giorgio Pegoli” (The Italian Red Cross in the photographic work by Giorgio Pegoli) organized by the local committee of Senigallia.


Major Claudio De Felici
Representative for the communication of the Military Corps CRI

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