Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries

Probiotic from Friuli for the Italian military

A new probiotic (KLUYVER B0399) for the Italian military was presented in the barracks of Venzone on June 26, 2008.

Friuli Innovazione

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A probiotic produced in  Friuli for the Italian military. Developed by Turval Laboratories, established in the Scientific Park of Udine, the product will be used by the Italian military, especially by the soldiers leaving for missions abroad who are subjected to not only stress from a time-consuming and burdensome job, but also to sanitary and climactic conditions different from those they are exposed to at home. The alliance between the Friuli company and the Scientific Park, and the Italian military, will be finalized on Thursday, June 26th in the military barrack of Venzone during a convention where details of experimentation of the product and motivations that pushed the military to adopt it will be illustrated.
The day will begin at eight o’clock with the flag-raising ceremony and the salute to the authorities of Commander Covelli . The real work will instead begin at nine with the discussions of medical Major Zampollo of the 8th Alpini of Venzone, Dr. Teresa De Monte of the inspectorate II.VV. of Udine (gastroenteritis in the homeland and abroad; understanding it to then prevent it and the diet of soldiers, suggestions for missions abroad, from Argonne diet to Italian cuisine in Afghanistan -- suggestions for a correct and healthy diet for the soldier), engineer Alessandro Turello and Dr. Andrea Cescutti of Turval Laboratories (the role of probiotics today, what they’re used for, and why and when one should use them, a lactic yeast (probiotic) signed by the Ministry of the Italian Armed Forces, the American FDA, and the Canadian CFIA), Commander Alessandro Pini of the Nato commission (from the K ration to the new dietary proposals). In the afternoon, there will be discussions by CSM’s Dr. Ciccione (protection mechanisms from heavy metals), Dr. E. Spangaro from the II.VV. inspectorate of Udine, and by the Head of the Emergency Room from the hospital of Udine (the preparation and maintenance g of a sterile workspace in a sanitary building). (Mauro Nalato)



“Mission in Afghanistan: Suggestions for a healthy diet and hygienic rules”
Thursday, June 26, 2008
8:00 AM Flag-raising
8:30 AM GREETING from Cdr. Covelli
9:00 AM  Major Dr. V. ZAMPOLLO 8th Alpine regiment Venzone
Presentation of the program and its motivations
9:15 AM I.V. Dr. T. DE MONTE Inspectorate II. VV. of Udine
Gastritis in the Homeland and Abroad: understanding it to prevent it
9:45 AM (Lab TURVAL) Engineer Dr. Alessandro TURELLO, Dr. Andrea CESCUTTI
The role of PROBIOTICS today.
What they are and when they should be used, A lactic ferment approved by the Italian Ministry of
Defense, the American and Canadian FDA.
10:30 AM Capt. of Fregata Alessandro PINI *NATO Commission
From the K-Ration to the new dietary proposals
11:15 AM Coffee break
11:30 AM I.V. Dr. T. DE MONTE The soldier’s diet. Suggestion for
 Missions Abroad, from the ARGONNE Diet to the Italian cuisine in Afghanistan… suggestions
for a soldier’s correct and healthy diet
12:15 PM questions break
12:45 PM lunch break
2:00 PM Major Medical Dr. V. ZAMPOLLO 8th Alpine regiment Venzone
Toxic substances and contamination: knowing is preventing
2:45 PM Dr. Ciccone (CSM)
Protection mechanisms from heavy metals.
3:30 I.V.  Dr. E. SPANGARO Inspectorate II. VV. of Udine
Head of the ER at the Hospital of Udine
Preparation and maintenance of the sterile area, inside and outside of a healthcare building
4:15 PM I.V. Dr. Teresa De Monte
The hygienic norms: what to do and not do in Afghanistan
4:30 PM Open discussion and closing


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