Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries

Naturallab – new partner – new markets!

Naturallab is a new legal representative of Turval Laboratories, primarily for Croatian Market.

It supports and monitors our business development and ensure quality mediation through legal support, market support, consulting and public relations.  
Our common mission is to expand the applications of the 2.0 Generation, Probiotic Lactic Yeast® in nutraceutical (powder, pills, drops, chews), dairy (yoghurt, kefir, cheese), confectionary industry (chocolate, biscuits, caramels, cereals, cereal bars) and beverage industry (drinks and juices).  
Using the strong business network of Naturallab in Macedonia, Albania, Russian Federation and United Arab Emirate, Turval is likely to expand its distribution to these markets very soon!   
Good and active representation is the key to successful distribution! 

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