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Increased immune defense in broiler chicken

Trial 244: Experimental evaluation of antimicrobial effect of TURVAL B0399 in broilers - brief report.

Ing.Miloš Stojanović, Knic, Serbia

BACKGROUND: 29,800 of broiler (Ross 308), grown on the surface of 1.700m2.

The trial lasted 45 days, with the final feed to conversion index of 2.1 and a total mortality of 8%.

At the beginning of the trial chickens had health problems (weak, poor predisposition, sensitive) because of the age of parents (old) and their high resistance.

PROTOCOL: Turval B0399 was administered through the drinking water: tree consecutive days per week, starting from the 4th day of life till the end of the 6thweek. From first to third week the yeast preparation was administered in a dose of 600 g per 1000 liters of water, and from the third week after the 500 g per 1,000 liters of drinking water.

PURPOSE of the Turval B0399 supplementation: possible replacement of the regular feeding-supplementation program based on acidifiers and Cylactin® probiotic with Turval B0399, specifically used for treatment of granulomatous enteritis.

RESULTS: the state of chickens was not aggravated by the absence of acidifiers and probiotics that were previously used, while the health condition resulted as expected in light of the chicken background. It was noticed that the problem of Coli Granuloma (granulomatous enteritis) in chickens was meliorated with the use of Turval B0399 with the same efficacy as with acidifiers and probiotics .

In total, 7.4 kg of Turval B0399 was utilized for the trial, at a price of 1,500.00 RSD (serbian dinar)/ kg, amounting to 11,100.00 RSD total, while the average consumption of acidifiers for this number of chickens is 25 liters at a price of 250.00 RSD / liter and 2.5 kg of probiotic that cost 3.000,00 RSD / kg, which amounts to 13,750 RSD.

CONCLUSION: Turval gave the same results as the combination of acidifier + probiotic in terms of production and heath condition, with smaller total financial costs.


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