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Horse Colics, prevention with probiotics

Trial 9: Efficacy of different european probiotics in sport horses with intestinal problems (horse colics). After two weeks there was a visible improvement of the faeces using Turval 6(Kluyveromyces B0399). During the treatment period there were no colics.

Dott.Fabio Ferrari
Ist. di Medicina Veterinaria di Wattens (Austria)

Trial#9: Efficacy of different european probiotics in sport horses with intestinal problems (horse colics).

The problem presented to me in the above mentioned riding-stable, involved a certain number of horses from the school (about 30), some belonging to private owners (about 12) and 6 of high equestrian value, belonging to the Circle of Mr. and Mrs. Wachs. The latter suffered from aerophagies and foul-smelling, soft faeces often resulting in horse colics (Photo 1). 
foto 1 prova 9.jpg
Photo 1

Unfortunately, this was not my real problem, and I underline "unfortunately" as it could have been rapidly resolved. My real problem was the following: 

foto 2 prova 9.jpg    foto 3 prova 9.jpg
Photo 2                                Photo 3

The stable had undergone a diet control by a group of sport dietologists (German colleagues) since Mrs. Wachs had been qualified for olimpic selection and had, therefore, no intention of changing the diet given by my German colleagues (photo 2 - photo 3).

Three groups of six horses each were formed (all taken from the riding-stable, but not privately owned) and were set up with bedsteads made up of wood-shavings mixed with chopped hay 15-20 cm (photo 4).Each group of horses was administered one of the three treatments. 

foto 4 prova 9.jpg

Photo 4

First group: the administration of medicinal herbs and yeasts was dropped after just three days, because of the high costs for the conservation of the yeasts and the stall personel, even though the faeces showed visible improvement (photo 5). 

foto 5 prova 9.jpg

Photo 5

Second group: antitox VANA was dropped after about a week, because the product had to be pre-mixed with great quantities of feed and the silos were too costly. Also the product was not pleasing to the taste and results were slow in coming (photo 6). 

foto 6 prova 9.jpg

Photo 6

Third group: TURVAL 6: After two weeks, the product was administered to the entire stable and after just a few days, there was a visible improvement of the faeces. During the treatment period there were no horse colics (Photo 7). 

foto 7 prova 9.jpg
Photo 7

After two more weeks the athlete and private horses were also treated, with excellent results

Dott. Fabio Ferrari

Med. Vet. Univ. Parma
6112 Wattens, Kirchplatz 11 (Austria)

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