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G.T: “I’ve taken Bioval and I’ve obtained an immediate benefit”

G.T. of Udine suffers from intestianl and sphincter continence troubles


I’m G.T., a patient suffering from intestinal and sphincter continence troubles, I’ve taken Bioval and I’ve obtained an immediate benefit, for both intestinal equilibrium, and for the absorption of gas. I even recommended it to some friends who suffer from constipation and they have had immediate results as well. I believe that this product could resolve many problems tied to gas or odorous feces, for example in places like hospitals or nursing homes where older people frequently suffer from intestinal disorders.


I’d like to thank you for your interest. Best reguards.

G.T. -Udine


Laboratori Turval Italia Srl – Head Office and Research Dpt: Scientific and Technological Park "L. Danieli"
via Jacopo Linussio, 51 – 33100 Udine (UD) – P. IVA 01883020305