Innovative Probiotic Lactic Yeast for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries

Cooperation with external institutes

 Current scientific collaborations

  • Ohio State University (USA): David Anderson DVM,MS
  • Udine Univ.- Animal Production Dept.: Prof. Piero Susmel
  • Udine Univ.- Foods Sciences Dept: Prof. Comi, Prof . Civilini
  • Perugia Univ. Agro-Biotechnologies Dept.: Prof. Ann Vaughan
  • ASA Azienda Speciale Ambiente (CCIAA-UD) : Dr. Flavio Collavini
  • Genomic Institute IGA (Scientific Park ): Dr. Michele Morgante
  • AREA Science Park- Trieste: Bracco Imaging SpA: Dr. Uggeri


Past collaborations

  • International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of the UNIDO (ICGEB)
  • Trieste University, Faculty of Applied Chemistry
    Italian Society of Veterinarian Surgery
  • Sardinian Institute for the Promotion of Horses (Italy), Dr R. Cherchi, Dr S. Delogu
  • Horse Veterinarian Surgery of Dr. Del Savio (Trieste - Italy)
  • Horse Veterinarian Surgery of Wattens Ibk, Austria
  • Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) of the Ministry of Agricolture, Fischeries and Food (MAFF) - England
  • Center of Horse Medicine "Giordano Bruno" , Scisciano - Napoli, Italy, Dr. P. Mauro
  • Institute of Animal Diet of the University of Milano, Italy
  • Experimentation Center at “Ol Maisor Ranch” (Kenya)
  • Nairobi Univ. (Kenya) Institute of Technical Nutrition: Prof. Isper Imunge
  • Milan Univ. Veterinary Medicine Dept.: Prof. Ernesto Beretta
  • Bologna Univ. - Department of Animal Protection : Prof. Bosi
  • Ancona Univ. – Agro-Biotechnologies Dept. : Prof. Silvestro Mondini
  • Udine Univ.- Animal Production Departement. : Prof Bruno Stefanon 
  • Chamber of Commerce of Trieste : Dr. Dario DePalo, chemistry.
  • Turin : Dr. Claudia Silvestro, agronomist consultant
  • Chamber of Commerce of Udine : Dr. Pieri Anichini, chemistry
  • North Carolina State University ( USA): Penny Yocum DVM

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