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Trial#51a: Efficacy of Turval B0399 on the growth and conversion index on weaned piglets up to 25kg with recommended dosage.

The group fed with the addition of Turval 6 Swine in the ratio of 1.5 kg / ton of fodder, showed an improvement in the Conversion Index compared to the control group.

Prof. Paolo Bosi ( DIPROVAL –University of Bologna Italy): Dr.R. Bonetti DVM consultant SAGIP Inc.




The test was executed by the University of Bologna in an industrial stock farm of swine ( SAGIP Reggio Emilia Italy).
N 54 (18 x 3) piglets were weaned from 27th day after birth, separated in 3 groups of which respective litters were equally represented.-
The test was done using 3 dosages (1,5 , 3.0 g/kg of feed and overdose approx 10 times) of the additive preparation Turval B0399 (with lactic yeast Kluyveromyces B0399)
The fodder was administered to the subjects with the addition of the active ingredient at different dosages, among which the recommended dosage and the overdose.
The weaned piglets received the fodder with the additive for 36 days consecutively. 
The results show that the additive preparation B0399:
-          even with overdose, did not provoke any unwanted effects;
-          improved weight gain and the conversion index;



Testing methodology


The trial was executed at a breeding farm for industrial swine of the SAGIP company of Reggio Emilia (cf. trial 51/A).
72 piglets were utilized which had been weaned and were 27 days old and of mixed sex and breed: (LARGW WHITE (LW)
The piglets were divided into four groups of 18 individuals per group: 1 group of reference + 3 groups undergoing trial.
The group of reference was fed only the base fodder (F): The 3 groups undergoing the trial were fed the same fodder (F) mixed with the probiotic (Turval 16 Swine) in the ratio of 1.5 – 3.0 – 12.0 (overdose) kg./ton fodder, respectively.
Duration of trial: 52 days, of which 16 were for control using one diet only.




F: base fodder.

Production company: SAGIP Inc

Composition of base diet: corn flour, barley flour, cornflakes, decorticated barley flour, extract of soya flour at 48%, powdered whey, extruded soya, herring flour, skimmed milk, animal and vegetable fat, proteic concentrate of potatoes, dextrose,kaolin, calcium carbonate, monocalcic phosphate, bicalcic phosphate, lysin Hcl, DL – metionin, L treonin, coated acidifiers, low-mineral – vitaminic supplement.


Turval 16 Swine: probiotic additive.
Production company: TURVAL ITALIA Laboratories of Pradamano (UD)Italy Authorization Ministry of. Health M00001 UD 20:06:2001.
Components: Balanced mix of natural products -- TURVAL B0399 (mix of typified lactic yeasts Kluyveromyces B0399-, substrata of fermentation, cellular metabolites comprised of amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins) powdered whey, wheat bran.
No auxinic-type additives were added to the daily ration.
Dosage of TURVAL 16 Swine and identification of testing groups
T0 = (control) feed without additive
T1 = additive 1,5 g/kg (recommended dosage) of feed.
T2 = additive 3.0 g/kg of feed
T3 = additive 12,0 g/kg (overdose) of feed.-

Results and general discussion


Nutritional effectiveness
The group (T1), fed with the addition of Turval 6 Swine in the ratio of 1.5 kg / ton of fodder (F), showed an improvement in the Conversion Index (1.80) compared to the control group (with the base diet), where the average weight gain was 0.226kg and the Conversion Index was equal to 2.5.
An improvement of the Conversion Index was also observed confronting on the whole the three diets with Turval 16 Swine with the base diet.
Effects of overdose:
No unwanted effects were observed except for a decrease in the effectiveness of the conversion index.
At the higher dosages (overdose approx. 10 times recommended dosage) no undesirable or contrary effects were observed except for a notable decrease in the voluntary consumption of fodder, which nevertheless did not cause a growth reduction compared to the control group but, rather, influenced positively on the conversion index.


Chart 2.3.A2 – Effect of the different dosages of additive Turval B0399 on growth performance when added to the diet of piglets weaned 28 days after birth.


figura draft 51.jpg 


The purpose of the trial was to determine the effect of a probiotic specifically for swine, as is Turval 16 Swine, using different dosages in the diet of piglets in the posst-weaning stage, on the growth and weight gain. The subjects were not previously treated, and therefore had an intestinal bacterial microflora which was already developed and bioregulated, and were raised in good environmental and sanitary conditions. The trial results show that with the addition of Turval 16 Swine in the ratio of only 1.5 kg/ton there was an improvement in weight gain and in the conversion index compared to the group of reference.
Even with overdosages (12.0 kg/ton, no undesirable effects were observed except for a notable decrease in the efficacy of weight gain improvement.


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